The most reliable type of flag pole,
with a revolving arm improving flag legibility
in no-wind conditions.
- Silver finial
- 360° rotating head with arm for the flag
- aluminum banner arm (max. 150 cm)
- Long life ball bearing (not sliding bearing),
  so the revolving truck casing does not wear out and squeak
- plastic retainer ring to prevent the flag from blowing away
  from the pole in windy weather
- weight for keeping the flag taut
- also prevents the flag from getting tangled around the tip of the pole
- pole has no rope or rope mechanism
- flag is replaced by tilting the pole and sliding the flag onto the arm
- type label with serial number (for easier identification of the type)
Tilting Anchor:
- allows for pole tilting, flag replacement or servicing
- enables vertical alignment of the pole subsequent to hardening of the concrete
  or in case of ground settling and pole misalignment
- pole tilting is quick and simple thanks to the anchoring mechanism.
- simple concept = functional solution
- flag visible even in no-wind conditions
- aluminum arm can be shortened as required
- less comfortable with respect to flag replacement
- two persons needed for tilting and flag replacement

Package Contents:

- flagpole body (bottom and top part)
- accessories (rope, snaps, finial...)
- tilting anchor
- Installation Manual with 3D images for concreting of anchoring
- Installation Manual with 3D images for flagpole assembly
- using instructions


  Euromast Flagpoles (PDF)