The simplest and most economic type of flag pole,
with classic rope mounting for hanging flags
and keeping them taut.
- Silver final
- 360° revolving truck – cast metal
- rope guide pulleys (rotating, not sliding)
- long life ball bearing (not sliding bearing),
  so the rotating head casing does not wear out and squeak
- this type does not include a retainer ring to keep the flag close to the pole,
  because the flag is pulled taut by the rope
- this type does not include a counterweight because the flag is pulled taut by the rope
- stainless cleat manufactured from premium stainless steel
  (not plastic) with long service life and an aesthetic design
- type label with serial number (for easier identification of the type)
Tilting Anchor:
- allows for tilting and servicing the flagpole
- enables vertical alignment of the pole subsequent to hardening of the concrete
  or in case of ground settling and pole misalignment
Fixed Tubular Anchoring does not allow for tilting or locking.
- cheapest solution
- type that statistically has the fewest service demands
- simple operation and assembly of the flag pole
- flag can easily be stolen or damaged
- not recommended for larger flags (they tend to swing out away from the pole)
- flag is unable to rotate freely around the pole with the wind
- Mobile Banner arm not available

Package Contents:

- flagpole body (bottom and top part)
- accessories (rope, snaps, finial...)
- selected anchoring (tilting anchor / fixed tubular anchoring)
- Installation Manual with 3D images for concreting of anchoring
- Installation Manual with 3D images for flagpole assembly
- using instructions


  Euromast Flagpoles (PDF)