The most comfortable type of flagpole, with an internal
rope system (preventing flag entanglement).
Crank winch for flag handling.
- Silver finial
- 360° revolving truck – cast metal
- rope guide pulleys (rotating, not sliding)
- long life ball bearing (not sliding bearing),
  so the rotating head casing does not wear out and squeak
- plastic retainer ring to prevent flag departure
  from the pole in windy weather
- weight for keeping the flag taut
- also prevents the flag from getting tangled around the tip of the pole
- metallic tape winch (the tape winds-up in layers
  so there is no risk of role entanglement as with conventional winches)
- the flag is protected against theft thanks to removable crank handle
- steel torsional flywheel to prevent rope twisting
- non-corosive components of the winch
- type label with serial number (for easier identification of the type)
Tilting Anchor:
- allows for tilting and servicing the flagpole
- enables vertical alignment of the pole subsequent to hardening of the concrete
  or in case of ground settling and pole misalignment
Fixed Tubular Anchoring does not allow for tilting or locking.
- the most comfortable flag handling
- protection against flag theft thanks to removable crank handle
- internal halyard system prevents flag entanglement
- protection against rope twisting in turbulent lee side
  in case of flag rotation in one direction
- allows for use of Mobile Banner arm
- the most expensive flagpole type
- crank handle rotating direction has to be respected while flowing
  and taking down the flag

Package Contents:

- flagpole body (bottom and top part)
- accessories (rope, snaps, finial...)
- selected anchoring (tilting anchor / fixed tubular anchoring)
- Installation Manual with 3D images for concreting of anchoring
- Installation Manual with 3D images for flagpole assembly
- using instructions


  Euromast Flagpoles (PDF)